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Continux GmbH Software professionals & passionate problem solvers

About the Continux company and its management

Continux GmbH, based in Munich, Germany, is a group of experienced software professionals. These passionate problem solvers always have the goal to bring the best Intellectual Property Management Software to the market. Continux IP-Software is easy and intuitive to use.  It centralizes and visualizes all relevant information. Also, it optimizes IP workflows and simplifies routine tasks. This allows users to focus on the essentials. Users simply increase their productivity and efficiency.

The beginnings…

Continux was founded in 2004 by Elif Levin and has gradually evolved from a provider of IP software solutions for small IP law firms to a leading provider of a highly scalable and rapidly deployable cloud-based IPM software suite delivered as a complete turnkey and modular package.

The founder(s)…

But who is Elif Levin? She is the managing director of Continux, an expert in IP-related business cases. She also has a remarkable background in various fields such as software integration, software customization and support, test and quality assurance and business management.

At the very beginning, she made an important step for Continux. Soon after founding Continux she won Peter Parzinger as co-owner for her company. This was important to ensure that the owner team is consisting of a broad base of knowledge and skills.

Peter Parzinger was the perfect fit. He is not only a computer scientist and software architect, he also has a profound and deep knowledge of web development. Above this, he is an expert in establishing and maintaining  cloud environments. Peter gained this knowledge by building up and working for several software companies producing cloud based software. Also, as it is his passion, he is constantly dealing with leading-edge cloud technologies. Always looking for the best technology.

And what was the benefit? 

With this combination, Continux managed to launch its service as one of the first Intellectual Property management software cloud providers in Germany. So, as a pioneer for IPMS from Germany, Continux has been able to combine in-depth experience with broad expert knowledge of our software professionals to offer the best possible cloud software for their customers for over 18 years.